Not even one month, one million by the market iPad

iPad, sold well. Not even one month is marketed in the United States, tablet computer Apple products is to break the 1 million unit sales.

In the first 28 days, iPad sold 1 million units. This achievement about half of the time it takes the iPhone that is 74 days (to sell products with the same amount).

iPad United States seems to amaze the public. Because of high demand, the global marketing plan had been postponed iPad. Apple iPad previously planned to market the beginning of April. Spikes in demand in the United States to force Apple to suspend plans until the end of May 2010.

Demand continues to increase and not comparable to availability. To overcome this we continue to work extra hard to ensure that these products can get into the hands of more customers.

IPad users themselves are also actively visiting the official portal of Apple. Listed there are about 12 million applications have been downloaded the user iPad. They also download ebook about 1.5 million available in iBookstore.

IPad presence apparently also challenges application developers. Currently available at least 5000 applications for the iPad. While the App Store to collect no less than 200 thousand applications.

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