Koprol.com the Next Generation Social Networking

The whole day was a rumor that Yahoo purchased somersault on the internet is widespread, especially Twitter.Koprol is the original company Indonesia.Koprol a social networking service founded PT Skyeight Indonesia since 2008. somerset initially only for fun projects PT SkyEight Indonesia which was completed in February 2009.
Somerset uniquely designed for mobile phones and within a year had built a large user base, Yahoo Finance, Tuesday (05/25/2010)
The latest data on December 8, 2009 the number of users has reached 16 800 users in 10 months since it was introduced. However, in the past three months in 2010,
Uniqueness somersault because it allows its users to review, share photos, and other additional information about a place that was visited. Such information can be found another user who was visiting the same location and communicate with each other. Interestingly again, to do the check-in or choose a location that is being visited not need to use GPS.

Though can be accessed via a web browser, Yahoo would boost the spread forwards somersault to develop applications that are designed for different platforms. Today somerset application for BlackBerry has been released and Yahoo hopes to provide applications for mobile platforms both locally and globally.

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