Microssoft Releases New Version of Messenger

The latest version of Microsoft's messenger was introduced to the public. Last week, during a discussion with college students at the Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer introduced at once to educate the next generation of Windows Live Messenger.

The new Messenger is the first part of a package of communications and the latest Windows Live service will be introduced to the public. Windows Live Messenger alone has 320 million subscribers around the world sekuruh. In one day taik less than 10 billion messages sent via this service.

Microsft also provides a feature that allows messenger can be enjoyed on mobile phones. With this new Messenger, we focus on providing facilities that simplify and reduce the usual difficulties that arise and stay connected through social news updates to your new on the Web.

He expressed Along with increasing Internet usage, customers often share more content in many different social network, site photos, videos and other shared experiences. This phenomenon is, of course, require adequate support. That requirement currently being accommodated by Microsoft through a series of new features.

Latest Messenger, will combine updates from social networking like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn that allows friends to share, comments, and send a message in this network with only a Messenger. This means that users can get updates from Flickr, Zune, YouTube and others in one Messenger.

Latest Messenger also has a set of supporting features, among lan High-definition video chat, integration of Bing results that will facilitate users to add photos and videos from all over the web without leaving the conversation box.

Messenger Connect is a feature that integrates a variety of sources into a single door, so no need to create an account on some sites. Social Highlights will provide current information on social activities.

Another feature is a single contact list and Synchronized status updates, which offers convenience in managing up date, by synchronizing with your status on other networks and vice versa. Microsoft also provides this service for messenger feature for smartphones through popular smartphones.

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