Twitter Hacket: Was twitter Hacket? Not Exactly

twitter hackedOn Monday, Twitter engineers temporarily reset millions of Twitter accounts, in an effort to eliminate a bug. But many Twitter users worried that their accounts had been hacked, setting off a groundswell of panic.
Earlier today, Twitter re-engineer the profile of millions of users, sending a tidal wave of panic flowing into the far corner from wide Twitterverse. So did Twitter hacked? Not really. 

According to an official blog post on Twitter, Twitter engineers merely responding to a bug that allows one user to force others to follow them.
The bug seems to have been fixed. And all the followers / followed the settings have been restored.

But for a while on Monday, chaos reigned on Twitter. "Twitter hacked" is a phrase prominent in Google Trends, and the nerves, leading many users to worry that the popular microblogging service has been attacked by a mysterious hacker.And Olds, an analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group, told Computerworld that the tone of responses to Twitter bug was to be expected. 

"What we really see with social networks is that for any given tool, whether it's Twitter, Facebook or other sites, there is a hard core of very active users who are very concerned about, change, or interruptions," says Olds. "These people are very vocal and opinionated - passion, in other words." 

Twitter and Facebook - the two most trafficked sites on the web - have experienced their share of service problems in recent years. Last October, for example, Twitter has a problem updating its timeline. And earlier this month, a bug on Facebook seems to allow users to peruse the message their friends' private chat. Facebook has since fixed the bug.For those who see Twitter users. The reason for this is that micro-blogging site that hacked this morning. 

Twitter did not wait long to resolve the issue and fixed the problem this morning. Hack Twitter users are allowed to force others to follow them, as a result of forcing all the followers of the website users to zero - this would be a surprise to the big hitters such as those mentioned above. 

Thankfully, the followers have now been restored - but Bieber has decided to send short messages to those who cause the hack in the first place. He basically said that they have angered two million teenage girls - something that nobody wants to do. 

According to PC Mag who initially learned of the news via AppScout, Twitter said that no information was leaked during the hack? Are you worried about the hack, have you thought that you lose all your followers?

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