Microsoft Presents The New Face Of Hotmail.

Microsoft presents the new face of Hotmail. Not only polish the look, Microsoft is also enriched with several new features, Hotmail highlights, a virtual clean sweep, a filter with a single click, automatic search and auto display.

Other changes at Hotmail is increasing its capacity to manage and share personal photos and documents. In this case, through a Hotmail user can send attachments up to 10 GB in an email, or 200 attachments - each with a capacity of 50 MB - in one email.

Hotmail users among themselves, within one month were recorded 1.5 billion people sharing the photo and about 350 million Microsoft Office documents. Problems arise when someone sends an email - any services that are used - large capacity. Microsoft responded to this problem by providing the ability to send an extra large-capacity document.
This new capability also helps cut the clutter of email with filters that work with smart, where with just one click the entire contents of the inbox can be filtered according to their needs; for example based on the contact, based on social networks or email groups, followed by the user.

Hotmail also has the ability to do other things without leaving your inbox and have to switch to another site. Now users can view the photos or videos from popular sites like Flickr, YouTube, Hulu and SmugMug or see the actual status, in their email.

With this new version of Hotmail, the user can view and edit Office documents directly in your inbox by simply requiring a browser.

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