The launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Indonesia, Will it Drag iPad?

Samsung launched its latest product, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Saturday (10/30/2010). The launch, held at Plaza Senayan is the second launch, the which stores place in Southeast Asia, having Previously held in Thailand.

Eka Anwar, Head of Marketing at HHP Division PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, is optimistic That the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab would be good even sure the new tablet sales output of Samsung is Able to beat Apple iPad sales.In response to Steve Jobs commented That the size of the tablet 7 inches is Considered too small, Eka said, "I do not agree That size is too small 7 inches and 10 inches was the most delicious. What determines good or bad it is not consumers, They have different needs ways. Maybe someone said 10 inches was too small Because it takes a laptop. 

"Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the slate (tatak write) digital (tablet PC), the which recently Among Became a trend of young professionals in Indonesia. With a TFT LCD screen measuring 7 inches, the product is Actually listed in the smartphone market has changed from a middle way for consumers WHO need multimedia devices and mobile telephony to the size That fits in the pocket of pants. These devices run Also cans cans That Thousands of applications be downloaded through the Android Market.  

Samsung Galaxy Tabuse the Android operating system 2.2 or Froyo. In Addition, this device has two cameras, EACH with 3.2 MP on the back and 1.3 MP in the front for video chat. Samsung Galaxy Tabs cans Also be Used to call for supporting the 3G network. However, users must use the headphone cable or Bluetooth to access the telephone service.

Not only that, Samsung Indonesia immerse That local applications are specific to this device. Kompas Gramedia is one of the partners WHO Provide content magazines, newspapers, and digital editions of books for users to access these devices by subscription. Galaxy Tab Samsung is expected to launch domestic market on 30 October. Samsung Provides a package with broadband Internet Galaxy Tab Subscriptions of Indosat and the price of IDR 6.999.000 one unit.

Not only offers Thousands of applications from the Android Market, Samsung Galaxy Tab Also That Provides a local application contains the content made in the country. Local content are bundled in Samsung Galaxy Tab introduced in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/19/2010). One of these content providers are media groups Kompas Gramedia. If Previously Kompas Gramedia Provide special application to open a digital paper (e-paper) Compass on digital slates Apple iPad, at this time Kompas Gramedia offers newspapers, magazines, and books That cans be downloaded and read through a local application on Samsung Galaxy Tab .

 Applications Compass Gramedia in Samsung Galaxy Tab offers access to five digital edition newspaper, 25 magazines and 400 books from publishers Kompas Gramedia, Among others, the digital edition of Compass, Cash, Surya, Warta Kota, City News, New Magazine, Essence, Idea, Home, and Automotive.

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