Display and Touch New Yahoo! Mail Beta The Fast and Secure

Now, Yahoo! Mail users around the world increasingly facilitated with Yahoo Mail Beta. They will feel the experience of communicating a more rapid, easy, safe and familiar.
If you've chosen to use Yahoo! Mail Beta, it would appear simple enough, but more clearly. Yahoo! Mail Users are increasingly easy to manage and navigate their inboxes.
With Yahoo Mail Beta, users Yahoo! can direct and manage their inbox more easily, find photos and videos and search email in a more efficient

Yahoo! Mail Beta interface neater displays consistently, both on desktops, mobile phones and tablet devices, including access Yahoo! Mail from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and so forth.

Yahoo! Mail Beta users will receive photos and video capabilities with the new Flickr application. Previously, you must have an account on Flickr, followed by putting your photos on the Flickr account.

Back to page Yahoo! Mail Beta inbox, you will be asked to register your own Flickr account so I can share your photos on Flickr to Yahoo! Mail. Meanwhile, to include video, you can include links from the Youtube video in question.

Plus, Yahoo Mail Beta adds service message to the Instant Message (IM) and Short Message Service (SMS). In the inbox, click the arrow next to 'Compose Message'. Later, three options will appear messaging service, E-mail (n), Instant Message (I) and SMS (T).

When looking for a specific email, you can type a keyword in the Search Mail field in the right of the page Yahoo! Mail Beta. Based on data from Yahoo! ore than 90 percent owner of the e-mail address in Indonesia using Yahoo! Mail service. The rest, they take advantage of Gmail and Hotmail.

To get this latest version, you can type "Yahoo! Mail Beta" at Yahoo.com. During the Beta period, the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale (California) it will continue to update and add new features into Yahoo! Mail Beta is already available in 25 countries around the world.