E-mail Competition linking to social networking

Competition is increasingly Fierce email system. Innovation and fresh ideas rolling. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg launched the Titan project, namely to build Their own email systems without any third party.
Project Titan will of predictably kill a conventional email. For all email facebook Know That it certainly will from the connect with social networking facebook. Up effort to have its own email system undermine its competitors like google, yahoo and hotmail.
The online giant did not Want To missed, They Compete to link the customer's email address with Some social networking.
Yahoo has launched Yahoo! Mail Beta. Email users yahoo! Their cans now access email while Improving the status on social networking. In Yahoo! Mail Beta launch in Euphoria Cafe Kuningan Jakarta, Director of Global Tech Initiative Yahoo! South East Asia Michael Smith Jr.. said Yahoo! Mail Beta supports connections faster Than ever before. Also safer, Easier, more Easily integrated with social networking and Also more responsive.
Also Google does not Want To Miss. At last September, the company said a social networking platform will from be launched later this year. But Google has not explained in more detail Such as what Would They launch. To prepare the platform, Google Bought a new social start-ups A Few months ago.
Beginning last October, Microsoft make improvements to hotmail. They launched a security feature to block piracy email accounts mengintregasikannya to facebook and LinkedIn for windows live.