How To Send Money With Gmail

send money via gmail

Sending money through the mail may not sound familiar to most people, let alone it has done since it was first launched PayPal. Now, PayPal will compete with Google Wallet. How to send money with gmail? If you want it you must already has google wallet account. register google wallet here.

symbol $ at gmail account with google wallet

Google Wallet has announced that they have integrated with Gmail, so that makes the user easier to send money via e-mail itself. As quoted from, Thursday (16/05) to use the service, users need to sign up to Google Wallet first.

Then, when the user writes a message in Gmail, users will see a new symbol "$" are located on the side menu to format the text and attachments. If users have a bank account already registered with the Google Wallet or Wallet account in balance, then the user can use it to send money to anyone you want.

However, the recipient still must have a Google Wallet account first to be able to receive the money. Google itself will charge transfer is slightly lower than that charged by PayPal.

Google Wallet is an application service google used to make payments easily through a mobile phone. This service allows mobile phone owners to pay and redeem the coupons via mobile phones with the Android operating system.

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