Youtube For Windows Phone ,How The Finally?

Microsoft and Google, they are currently working to update the YouTube app for Windows Phone in the coming weeks to fit the YouTube API service requirements and that includes being able to deliver ads. Microsoft will replace the existing YouTube app now on Windows Phone Store with earlier versions of the update is done during manufacture.

Microsoft and Google finally put aside their differences and work together to make a YouTube application that meets the requirements for the Windows Phone (WP). This application is likely to be developed using YouTube iFrame API, display ads, and will soon be released next month.

Agreement and the decision to work together was done after a minor dispute regarding service updates the Google-owned video sharing on Windows Phone some time ago. On May 7, Microsoft launched a new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 which is independently developed by the company. The application comes with additional features such as video can be downloaded from the website and no ads.

Then on May 15, Google sent a letter of reprimand to Microsoft about the YouTube application that claims have violated some terms of service YouTube. Google gave a warning to Microsoft to block or withdraw the application from the Windows Phone Store with a deadline of May 22.

Then on May 22, Microsoft re-released a new application that can not download video. Microsoft to update Windows Phone app YouTube videos and to overcome the limitations of online video access concerns voiced by Google last week. Microsoft has been communicating with Google and continue to believe that the two companies will cooperate to create applications that benefit consumers, partners, and content providers.

Finally two companies are now working together to create a YouTube application that complies with the requirements. But unknown bid by Microsoft to get together to make a new YouTube app. Even so, with the cooperation of the two companies, Windows Phone users will certainly benefit from the applications already received the blessing of the Google.

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