The Country Most At Risk Of Cyber Crime Asia Region

cyber crime

Malaysia ranked sixth in the world as the country most at risk of cyber crime in the form of virus attack via a computer or smart phone. Vice President Sri Haryati Malaysia Research Lt. Col. (R) Sazali Sukardi citing Sophos Security Threat 2013 report said the three-month period this year, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Thailand, China and Indonesia, including in the category of high-risk countries.

"Cybercrime has resulted in losses of up to 331.7 billion ringgit in the world, an average of 593 ringgit per victim basis Norton Cyber ​​Crime report 2012," Bernama quoted him as saying in a two-day conference on cyber crime.

However, cases of cyber crimes in Malaysia fell from 15 218 cases in 2011 to 9986 cases in 2012. Decrease in the number of cases is supported by the efforts of law enforcement by the government and relevant agencies including Cyber Security.

According to Sazali, cases of cyber crimes is the most commonly reported scams, followed by account hijacking, spam or junk submissions, denial of service, content-related attacks, destructive code, as well as defamation.

"We also face security threats from international criminal organizations that abuse the internet for a variety of cross-border illegal activities such as drug trafficking, fraud and money laundering," he said.

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