Uniquely Travel Mobile Hot Repressor.

DamnGeeky-Travel Mobile hot repressor 

Provide an assessment of a person's appearance is often critical in the first impression for some people. But people often do not have much time to pay attention to detail indentation or crease lines pants or shirt while ironing, especially when rushed time.

No need to worry, because now one electronics company in Japan developed a small portable metal tool called Travel Mobile hot repressor. This tool serves as a board wrinkles on a shirt, tie or pants that you can take it anywhere you go.

Adapted DamnGeeky, Sunday (05/19/2013), Travel Mobile hot repressor has the size of the palm of the hand has a unique design with a heater on the second internal surfaces, so that it can eliminate wrinkles on clothes anytime anywhere. The thermal power charging on this device can be done through the PC or using AA-sized batteries.

Then close the repressor-shaped clips to hold the fabric, so you can easily move the repressor to create a fold line pants or eliminate wrinkles. Weighing just 60 grams, making this device is ideal for users who spend more time on the go to do business.

The Uniquely Travel Mobile hot repressor released for only 980 yen. Very affordable and very useful.

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