Meteors Hit The Moon, Impact On The Earth?

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Automated telescopes moon cast shadows monitors weighing 40 kg rock that hit the moon's surface, creating a very bright flash of light, NASA scientists said on Friday. Explosion on March 17, it is the largest meteorite collision since NASA began monitoring in about eight years ago. So far, NASA has recorded over 300 meteorite impact.

"These rocks exploded with a flash of light is 10 times brighter than anything we've ever seen before," said Bill Cooke, NASA  in space research center Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama in a statement.

NASA satellite was in orbit in the middle of looking for a new crater formed from the impact, which is estimated to be as large as 20 meters.The resulting flash of light so bright that also Anybody who at the time of the event was seeing months could see a flash of light without using a telescope, NASA said.

After witnessing a digital recording of one of the programs that telescope, scientists estimate that the space rock diameter reaches 0.3 meters and moving at 90,123 miles per hour when it hit and exploded with a force in five tons of TNT.

On the same night, camera monitors also detect a large number of unusual meteorite, which crashed into the Earth's atmosphere. Most of these meteors burn up before reaching Earth's surface.

But it does not always happen. In February, a 20 meter diameter estimated asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia destroying buildings, shattered glass, and over 1,500 people injured.
The asteroid is the largest space objects ever hit the Earth since 1908.

"The ball of fire in Russia's size is larger folds and has a 100 thousand times the energy of a collision in the month, Cooke said in an email to Reuters.He believes a collision on the moon and a meteor shower on March 17 relates that, as a result of these two celestial bodies that are both middle passing lane space being bombarded with small rocks and dust.

"We will continue to monitor signs of recurrence of this event next year, when the earth-moon system passes through the same space," says Cooke.

source : antara

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