About Ulcer Disease

Ulcer vocabulary derived from the Dutch side which means. Ulcer pain is not triggered by controlled production of stomach acid. Early symptoms of ulcer, stomach feels tender, especially if late eating, stomach feels bloated, often belch, nausea, and sometimes also vomiting. In some cases, at night, felt sick in the stomach up to punch a waist. Not infrequently, appear great pain that relapse-lost.

Ulcer can be caused by eating patterns that are not organized, and the mad bacteria helicobacter pylori. Eating patterns that cause the defective valve in the esophagus, and cause a feeling uncomfortable because the stomach acid to rise esophagus. While the stress will drive the increase in stomach acid. Helicobacter pylori, while the performance of twelve finger intestine and stomach. Bacteria grow as a result consume food or water is not clean.

Healing the sick with an ulcer to improve eating patterns and consume the drugs in accordance with the instructions medical doctor. Can also be done with the plant medicines of them; turmeric (Curcuma domestika rhizome), aloe vera (Aloevera), and kamomila (Matricaria recucita).Choice of food also must be considered. There beber what foods should be avoided:
* Food or drink that stimulates the stomach acid (coffee, white wine, sitrus juice, milk, and alcoholic beverages 5-20%).
* Foods that contain gas (fatty food, mustard greens and cabbage, jackfruit, banana Ambon, dried fruit, and drink soda.
* Foods that are digested can be difficult to slow the drain side (fatty food, and cheese tart).
* Avoid some carbohydrate food such as rice sticky rice, noodles, bihun, corn, and tales dodol (Bandung traditional food ).
* Avoid foods that are also in fried food.

In addition to attention to the food menu, ulcer patients is also recommended to do some sports or physical exercise according to ability. Enough physical exercise and regular akan making body in shape and be healthy . Sports also avoid stress because of mental condition closely related to the digestion conditions.

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