Seplawan Cave

Menoreh extends from the mountainous districts in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta to Purworejo regency, Central Java. The process of natural evolution for millions of years it has established that the ancient surface of the mountain so that the wonders of nature. At the peak of some mountain-peak there are a number of natural cave that is very captivating and one of them is in the cave Seplawan Purworejo. While the other is in the Kulon Progo Kiskendo the cave there is also Silumbu cave, cave and cave Silawang Gong. Third cave is located in the area semuannya Purworejo.

The Seplawan Cave is the only cave in Purworejo already made tourism. This cave is located precisely in the village Donorejo, Kaligesing district about 40 kilometers to the east of the city center.

The Seplawan Cave is a site which is very high value. The cave is found on 15 August 1979 that in one corner of the cave found a 22 carat gold statue at 9 cm with a weight of 1.5 kg. Statue is a statue of a pair of men and women who are coupled hands. Experts archeologists believe that the statue was the god Siwa and Dewi Parwati. Statue is a monument at the time of Hindu Siwa. Statue is now kept in the National Museum. Instead, the government built a replica statue in front of the mouth of the cave, a replica of the larger size of the actual monument so resembles.

In addition to distinctive features as pre-historic sites have other feature that is the beauty of the cave Seplawan itself. Goa has the jewelry-jewelry that is beautiful and imposing as the stalaktit and stalakmit with the size of a wide range. Other ornaments are not less interesting, such as stone Flow, helektit, soda straw, gowerdam and others.

The Seplawan cave has around 700 meter long and branches cave around 150-300 meters. Specific to the path that the visitor has been lighting the lamp while for branches cave not to install lights because the muddy conditions. So that there is a branch of the cave to name it with the term "mud palace" because of the many mud saking.

The Location Seplawan cave already equipped with the facilities and infrastructure facilities such as bathroom / WC, a small mosque that simple, Gashebo, relay Pandang and also have flower gardens beautiful. Seplawan scenery around the cave is very beautiful addition, the cool air because the area is in the altitude of around 800 mdpl. Relay through the visitor can see the view south coast, the city Krogo Kulon, and the Sermo Reservoir. Even if up to one of the hills in the area of the cave, visitors can see Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Sumbing Sindoro and also of Mount Slamet. However, the mountains that can only be seen in the morning. So, many of the visitors in the camper so Seplawan the morning can see the natural beauty of the area Seplawan.

When this segment is still dominated by visitors from the young and less from parents. They came from Purworejo and the surrounding area. Visitors Seplawan Goa is still very small. This is because the location is far from
downtown area and Seplawan is still too simple. And this is a chore for the local government to develop tourism because the cave Seplawan have distinctive characteristics in terms of both history and natural beauty. So later with the development of cave objects is Seplawan increase akan Original Regional Revenue (PAD).

January 17, 2009

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