The Penis Secret of Carrion Flower

Penis secret of carrion flower WITH up to 3 meters high and exude the stench sting, dead enough interest to attract other creatures, especially insects, which will help pollination. However, what makes the world's interest that these tactics to be confidential nature that impressive.

"We are curious why the occasional flower smell like rotten ass and other times in more decay," said Wilhelm Barthlott of the University of Bonn, Germany. He sure have rhythm production stench of dead flowers removed.

To prove the allegations of the cycle is the smell, Barthlott and his team record the growth of interest by using the infrared camera. With record temperature changes from time to time, they were surprised because the phallus or a vertical bar in the middle emit a very high heat.

In the investigation, they have been recording a growth of interest rates three times dead. All show the flow of heat from the tip of the stem to the top to 36 degrees Celsius and the whiff of vapor.

"We see a puff of vapor around the flower in the middle column. We think the plants are up," said Barthlott. Radiation heat up and down the line changes the smell. The flow of heat used to inflate the air to smell.

Heat and smell may be a natural mimic carrion flower carrion of animals to attract the beetle and fly. However, the cycle has a smell of natural functions that are more than simply attract attention.

Corpse flower known as Titan Arum, or in scientific investigation Amorpophallus titanum, which means' a giant penis shaped not known 'a lot of room to grow in the open forest floor in Sumatra. With such a habitat, dead flowers smell the trouble spread, especially at night when the form in the cold air layer near the surface.

With such high growth and emit steam, interest can overcome these obstacles. Warm steam will rise up and be spread more widely and more.

"This explains why interest is very large. Like a torch in the wilderness that emit up to the smell," said Barthlott. Needs energy to grow that large and giant heat this also explains why the corpse flower only survive for two nights.

Source: NewScientist

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