MIlk, Healthy and delicious

Do you drink milk every day? Do you drink milk every day? Fortunately, if it is done. For susu been used as a nearly perfect food because it contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, enzyme-enzyme and vitamin. However, the reality of the Indonesian people not to drink the milk as required each day.

Unfortunately, the negative myths that have developed in the community about milk. Milk considered a beverage can body fat. So many adults avoid drinking milk that is not fat. Moreover, now more ngetrennya diet program. People became increasingly worried for fear susu consume fat.

Gynecology In Milk

Milk contain the fatty acid. There are 18 types of fatty acid and of 18 species that only 35% of cholesterol is suspected to increase the fat acid laurat (AL-C12), fatty acid miristat (C14), fatty acid palmitat dam (C16).

Most of the fatty acid susu have an effect on the health of the perfect body. Among them are:

1. Butirat acid functions as a fortress against cancer and support the growth of good bacteria prebiotik.
2. Acid linoleat obstacle to the formation of tumor, decrease the risk of chronic disease and generative as cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. In addition, this acid also works to improve the body defense system, anti atherosklerosis (blood vessel constriction) and the control of fat in the body.
milk fat is also a carrier of fat soluble vitamins, so often called mig also as a source of vitamins A, D, E and K. Besides, also as a source of vitamin C and B complex.

Milk protein in the uterus is also not less important. Protein in Milk is usually stated in the PER (protein efficiency ratio). Average PER in the susu of 3.1 higher than with the cattle, soybeans and wheat. Scientifically in protein Milk is whey protein and casein.

Casein is a mineral carrier calium (ca) and phosphat (P). This protein also functions to keep the mineral content in while keeping the formation caphosphat that is not dissolved. Casein also functions as a defense against bacteria and viruses. Whey protein body immunity function, laktofirin that contain iron as a fastener.

In milk have about 6 types of mineral macro-and micro amount of minerals that contain antioxidants that can prevent free radicals in the body. And most often we hear from milk. milk is that the demand is the main source of calcium in the body. This is indeed true at least 70% of the body's calcium needs can from of the milk. Therefore, the milk consume each day at least one glass, you have to do prevention osteoporosis bone

Welcome drink milk! healthy only !

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