Symbol Of Garuda Bird


Garuda Pancasila
Akulah Pendukungmu
Patriot proklamasi sedia berkorban untukmu
Pancasila dasar Negara
Rakyat adil makmur sentosa
Pribadi bangsaku
Ayo maju maju ayo maju maju
Ayo maju maju

GARUDA PANCASILA, that is the title track Sudarnoto mandatory essay. This song invites us to be supporting the Pancasila as the basic state. Keep up with the Pancasila, and we
practice the actual contents of the Pancasila akan create prosperity land of Indonesia.

Friend, of course we know that we are States Symbol bird Garuda. Garuda bird from the methodology fathers indonesia bird close to the Elang Rajawali. Be depicted in this bird Dieng temple, Prambanan, and Panataran. Be depicted as in Dieng beaked and winged man: in the temple and Prambanan temple of East Java rostrate long, blond and have a giant paw.

King Erlangga use figures as a seal Garuda kingdom. Symbol is the name given Garudamukha. Now seal Garudamukha stored in the National Museum Jakarta. That kings have long been Indonesia wearing this symbol, also known in the West. In a book heraldry kingdom that around 1453, entitled "Des Gruenenberg Conrad, Ritters und burgers drue hn hundert und achtzig jar" to make the symbol of 'Emperor Java' phoeneix shows a bird on the bonfire. Medium 'Emperor Sumatra' wear Rajawali symbol drawn from the second side to claw their way forward.

While Bhineka word is a combination of two words namely Bhina and Ika. The whole sentence can be entirely translated, "Different backgrounds, but one also," the second word is often cause incorrect commentary, Ika people think that it means one, and only the word which means "that". This is still living in the East Java region. Bhinna Ika (combined so Bhinneka), single-ika. Kharfiah translation: What is (but that one).

This motto is taken from the book Sutasoma essay Sutasoma master Tantular from the mid-14 th century. These words are used to describe Tantular understand sinkretis between Hinduism and Buddhism which is the flow of those times. Information is Siwatattwa opponent Buddhatattwa single, single diversity ika, tanhana dharma mangrwa. (Siwa and Buddha is one, but be one, there is no dogma of fork)

Garuda bird became the symbol of the State of RI based on Government Regulation No.66 tgl.17 Oktober1951. But the date has been applicable since 17 August 1950. Garuda is shaped depending on the shield in the chest with the "five simbul", which is commonly called Pancasila.

And this following description of heraldry in the Pancasila:

And, following the sound of Pancasila as we know:

it is a little review about the symbol of hope that countries can increase our knowledge.

1. Stars (yellow gold)
2. Chain (yellow gold)
3. Beringin trees (green)
4. Banteng Head (black)
5. Bunga Padi Cotton (yellow gold)
6. All Birds Garuda (yellow gold)
7. Shield room in the middle (red white)
8. Basic star-shaped shield (black)
9. Ribbon (white)
10. Letter (black)
11. Number of sheets feather wings, each = 17 sheets
12. The number of feathers on the tail blade = 8 strand
13. The number of sheets on feather wings under the shield = 19 sheets
14. Number of sheets in the neck feathers = 45 sheets.

1. Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa
2. Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab
3. Persatuan Indonesia
4 Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmah kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan/perwakilan
5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat indonesia.

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