How to save the file on the Internet

Internet  is a warehouse of information, ranging from the small things that matter to the outside of the mind we can all available on the internet. To find the information we are using search engines such as google or yahoo. After getting information, but to save us trouble because we do not have personal computers, have no flash, if we use a CD or diskette memory limited.

To overcome these difficulties have google the solution through the site This site is the site to store files online. to use this facility we have to log in with your email, and Is akan options displayed if want to open a spreadsheet program (an application similar ms.exel) or word processor (such as application ms.word)

Benefits and advantages:

1. housewifely hardisk space.
2. does not need to install.
3. does not need to buy a computer program.
4. wherever we can open the file in the home can connect internet.
5.Does not need to save in hard drive or flash.
6. can exchange files with friends without each other to each email.
1. must connect to the internet.
2. if necessary the cost to Microsoft.
3. not have the program features secanggih desktop version.
4. data security is still incredulous.

such tips on saving the file online. survived save the file!

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