Beware of Metal dangerous

Dangerous metal  are needed by the body, but excessive if the human health. It is a chemical substance that can be found in the food. Attendance is usually derived from the tool when the tool that is used to make food. Tool tool that is made or coated with these materials and chemicals from the means of other ways. Also sometimes found in the household tools made of metal such as spoon stanles the coktail coated tin, ceramic mug that can remove Pb and other.

Arsens (As)
ARSENS is a chemical substance which is often found in the food, beverages and cosmetics. Arsens can damage the kidneys, if virulence is very strong. Compound detected arsens difficult because they did not have a sense that prominent. Often used as ingredients in cosmetic and insecticide on. Symptoms symptoms of toxication in the throat pain that is difficult to swallow, followed by stomach pain and vomiting.

Black lead (Pb) Plumbum is generally found in food, water and medicine, especially when using the element tin packaging. Are the cumulative means timbtl can be poisoned if the measure Pb accumulate in the body.
Gejaka that arise in case of Pb is poisoned, vomiting vomiting secresi resembles susu, stomach pain and stomach pain which is great. Pb also attack nerve, kidney consolidate work rurak so fast and in the case of a heavy can cause death. Reaction of other dangerous allergic reaction that is causing skin irritation and swelling.

Mercuri (Hg)
symptoms of poisoned Hg arise, among others, on the mouth and pharyax The speck that is teqdapat The speck-gray. These conditions, along with feelings of pain, so that complaints often arise in the mouth, pain and stomach. When the stomach can be emptied immediately, the possibility to tertolong for the people is very big. Toxic in this concentration can reach high apithel small intestine, can cause The speck-The speck of blood and great weight, and the shock that leads to death, because colaps vein.

Cupper (Cu)
The existence of Cu in food is caused mainly due to the use of insecticides in the business and pertisida-agricultural businesses. Many cases also occur due to poisoned Cu in the container for food or drink, Cu entry in the mouth will damage the liver and kidney nerve center. Symptoms are the visible elements halitosis, dry throat and stomach, vomiting, or feeling you want to continue to have diarrhea for days, there is blood in the stool (fases) headache-a headache and fever.

Cadmium (Cd)
Cadmium is usually found in the hammering. Container processed food, the cadmium is prohibited because it has started can cause food cans, a pest cadmium. cadmium content in 30 mg% can poison and can cause damage to the heart and respiratory whole. Symptoms are: the occurrence of odor / taste cans that do not feel in the mouth. Shortness of breath accompanied by cough-cough, dizziness, headache. Body feels weak and stiff-leg feels stiff long run kidneys, hearts will be broken.
Symptoms that appear within 1 \ 2 to 1Jam is, headache, muscle cramps, shock and death within 24 hours

by: Mkipabawana team

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