4chan hack youtube. because the video Justin Bieber?

Perpetrators of hacking against the YouTube site allegedly part of an online community 4Chan. This can be seen from the contents of the conversation in these online forums related to the attack on the related videos Justin Bieber on the video sharing site that is very popular.

The attacks began challenging messages written in these forums since Sunday morning, reads as follows, "Remember this day.'s Day reminds us that we could still shake the foundations of the internet." The attack targeted the related videos beiber Justin, a singer from Canada who is currently more popular. If a video is played, a pop up message appears telling the death of the star and the links that lead to porn sites.

Community members who alleged perpetrators of the attack made a statement in the forum 4Chan informing him that he was overjoyed that can infiltrate into YouTube. The hacker also displays a picture that reflects the position as if YouTube had been 1-0 versus 4chan. He also said that after successfully directing a porn site YouTube to the position could be 2-0.

After a number of reports that his site was hacked, YouTube immediate action by removing and blocking comments on the videos page hack. YouTube to ensure they take advantage of the weakness of XSS attacks (cross-site scripting) on the feature commentary and have overcome them. As soon as YouTube take corrective action on these forums, people suspected the culprit was also told that he could no longer insert the same script into a YouTube video because it was blocked.

During this a number of community members 4Chan did make the forum as a place to blaspheme Justin Bieber. Many discussions disparaged Bieber, they even make a virtual campaign for sending to North Korea Bieber. kompas.com

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