Armed with HTML 5, Opera 6.10 Promises Better Performance? really?

Opera released Opera soon 10.6. This version is claimed to be the fastest compared with the Opera browser was released earlier. Reference, Opera is able to present 50 percent better speed than the previous version when tested pengarsiran javascripts.

In addition to the promise menberi speed, Opera 6.10 also supplied various features like search suggestions (search suggestion), Geolocation, WebM and Web worker, and HTML5 to the application offline. Geolocation special features, it is possible to detect the location of the user through a browser.

While HTML 5 Apache technology and Web Workers, Opera browser allows users to take advantage of broader application, such as word processors, image editors and others. Ability was 180 degrees different from the previous version which often encounter problems because of incompatibilities or can not open the web with JavaScript and perfect because of other problems.

For those who are interested in trying to directly download the site / download. Whereas previously the Opera browser for the user, can directly use the latest version via Help menu by clicking the Check for Updates option.

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