Twitter compete with Google's Search Engine

Page Twitter mikroblogging huge success. In addition to bringing billions of messages per day, page set up by Biz Stone also managed to serve the 24 billion searches per month. Figures just fantastic considering that Twitter was not designed as a kind of search engine Google.
The achievement was even defeating rival Google as Bing is only able to record 4.1 billion search service. Even Yahoo, only 9.4 billion records search services.
Twiter was later confirmed by Nielsen Research Institute as saying, Twitter succeeded in achieving the fastest growth by 33 percent. Raihan was thwarted ambition Bing (22 percent) to unseat Google's hegemony that is able to serve the 88 billion searches per month.
Evan Williams, Twitter as the Chief Executive said that his company was increasingly focused on improving the ability of search engine services. He also added that there are special teams who are actively dedicated to making the search more intuitive. "We work to obtain relevant information better," Williams said as quoted from the Telegraph, recently.
Williams added, now it has been using search engines and consume information through Twitter and not for merely tweeting. Why, William admitted Twitter needs to make this service is as good as other search engines to produce relevant search.
For information, searches performed on Twitter was originally intended to find information more quickly and precisely. Therefore, long before Google and Twitter have been embraced as a partner Bing information search.