google, Metaweb And Facebook

About social networking service, Google probably left and far less than Facebook. However, Google step over the open database company, Metaweb, making the company the internet giant step further than Facebook in the future competition networking service.
Internet services company giant Google has bought a company Metaweb database search engines to improve their performance. However, not disclosed how much the value of this acquisition.

Metaweb is an open database service provider, which collects information from various parties and categorize according to the context. With the support of Metaweb, Google hopes to provide better search results and useful.

Metaweb is a database company based in San Francisco, USA, which was founded in 2005. The company is creating a public database called freebase contains more than 12 million items, including films, books, television shows, and the company.

Jack Menzel from Google describing the company's official blog about how the future service search engine can provide a more contextual answers. If it was just simply looking for the birth of Obama in the top search results or music events that are taking place in certain cities, it may already be done.

However, answering questions such as university tuition fees anywhere below 30 000 U.S. dollars or actors under 40 years of age who received an Oscar at least once is not easy. With Metaweb, Google hopes to provide an appropriate and comprehensive answers to such questions.

These services are similar to dreams and ambitions of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the concept of Open Graph. There, relevant information connected to each other so that Internet users can obtain comprehensive information on interesting things that they need. Zuckerberg aspires, the concept could unite their preferences as in the case binsis, such as Yelp and made music that made her into a package of services that provide very rich information and contextual fit user needs.mapping is easier to do on Facebook because it already has data of about 500 million users preferences.

In the competition to become a perfect network, Google and Facebook seem to be competing in managing the metadata preferences of each user. Metadata can be built Facebook rivals. Google should not underestimate Facebook.
In recent years, Google is aggressively acquiring other companies to strengthen its services, both in small companies or big. Prior to Metaweb, the company which Google bought online is ITA Software, the provider of flight information services and applications.
Who will win?

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