@earlybird is a new advertising model

Twitter launched a new advertising model, Tuesday (07/06/2010). Previously, for the first time Twitter  advertising space in the list of topics which are utilized Trending Toy Story producers to promote the latest movie. This time, Twitter provides a space for advertisers to enrolled in a special account @ earlybird.

@ Earlybird account will work with companies who are interested in advertising to pair him on Twitter. Twitter users who are interested in getting information on interesting ads can be a follower of the accounts. Such messages can also be retweet to other Twitter users.

Twitter promised in the ad text but there are not just selling a special program with advertisers to provide exclusive offers, price information, discounts, and other interesting information.

We make @ earlybird account, Twitter, hoping to expand revenue and building good relationships with the advertising companies. It also could be a new service Twitter to get the User create added value for using these mikrobloging. Twitter will also get money from the sale and will be experimenting with different prices.

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