All People Can Create Android Application?

No need to be a programmer or developer to be able to reliably create interesting applications for Android-based smart phone. Google has provided software that makes all people can design a simple application with the name of Inventor App. 

"This software will help both programmers and non-programmers, professionals, and students to create applications for Android," the statement on the official Google blog, Monday (07/12/2010), written by one of his engineers, Mark. 

With this software, application makers do not have text-based programming because it has provided command blocks that can perform certain functions. Users stay up blocks are programmed like a Lego set. So, even novice users can create Android applications for the device of his own, including a simple application for personal needs. 

"You can make whatever application you have in mind. For example, you can create applications to help remember where you parked the car or friends to design their own applications for a tour of the school, workplace, or museums. 

The software maker is accompanied by a sensor application GPS so you can create applications that can inform the location where you are or an application for tracking where your friends are, "wrote Google. This software will be available in the coming weeks. Currently, the software is still in testing in the laboratory Android.

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