Game Vampire Hunters v2.0 Patch Download Now

I am sure you understand what it was a vampire. If you like the vampire, now you can play games with the figure vampire.Vampire Hunters is one game that tells the display figure vampire.Game an adventurer as a central figure in the vicious vampire exterminator collection of old pier misterius.Game exploration gameplay features and adventure with the active time battle system (ATBS), which is commonly used in some Asian Games RPGs, including Final Fantasy. Not long ago, the latest patch version has two games to attend, includes more than 70 bug fixes, Tweak, the addition of two new enemy characters, gameplay updates, update the parameters of an item, change the graph, including the addition of textures and new animations.

Minimum specifications: Windows XP, Pentium 3 256 MB RAM, 64 Mb VGA with 3D-accelerator, 1GB hard drive.
File Size: 44.57 MB
Manufacturer Name: CMedia Publishing,
Download: < a

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