About HP Application Information Technology

HP launched a  HP Application Information technology designed to help enrich the user experience by combining the mobile-based applications (mobile-based enterprise applications) into a traditional computing environment.

That's because daily activities are now virtually inseparable from the mobile device. The Company was required to be increasingly responsive to consumer needs. Grievances and aspirations of customers can be captured through social media like Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, companies increasingly rely on their ability to respond to customer requests and the community expressed through the enterprise applications and social applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Smartphone and mobile applications at this time has changed the way companies create value and become a differentiating factor with other companies

The series that launched the HP software incorporates information technology management and social collaboration. First, HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence that reduce cycle times by offering visibility and the ability to track activity in real-time throughout the application cycle.

Then with the support of HP and Perfecto Mobile, HP Unified Functional Testing application allows developers to replicate and test the mobile application user experience across devices and networks.

Anywhere HP applications can perform tasks such as setting the portfolio management (portfolio management request), the tracking failure (defect tracking), health monitoring service (service health monitoring), as well as the composition of the Executive Scorecard.

HP Enterprise Collaboration assist in the dissemination of knowledge (knowledge sharing) and accelerate application development through social collaboration environment that allows context-based conversations in real-time.

HP also launched HP Mobile Application Services portfolio consisting of HP Testing for Mobility Services are able to accelerate time to market mobile applications to reduce test cycle time and automated testing on multiple computing devices.

HP Enterprise Mobility Services for SAP improve employee efficiency by enabling mobile users to get data from SAP applications that are mission-critical.

By expanding mobile solutions to SAP NetWeaver technology platform and Sybase Unwired platform, HP offers a complete mobile solutions and enables clients to access important company information.

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