What's Hot News From LinkedIn?

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What's hot news from LinkedIn?

If you are a user of social networks LinkedIn, now you have been able to enjoy the new features in their application. Recently LinkedIn has added two new features that are Targeted Linkedin updates and Follower Statistics tab.Linkedin has been working with several partners to implement the feature. Some of them are Dell, Microsoft and Samsung Mobile.

Through these two new features, marketing teams of these companies can help them in three ways. First, as a device for analysis and marketing campaign targeting the platform LinkedIn Company Page.Second, corporate marketing team that has a Page on Linkedin Company may make a more specific list of followers. The trick is to create a list by category, such as type of industry, seniority, job function, company size, non-company employees and geographical position.

Finally, marketers can also access the dashboard information that will support the measurement and quantification of the follower's acquisition efforts, track the level of interaction (number of likes, comments, and the percentage of use).

LinkedIn And IPAD

LinkedIn also has worked closely with IPAD why? Approximately 22 percent because of trafick LinkedIn accessed through mobile devices. Among the various mobile devices, the IPAD is the most mobile devices used to access LinkedIn.

In that regard,  LinkedIn has launched newest application for the iPad. Through these features, users can build a professional network to gather the most important information.application for the iPad is made by considering the way professionals treat his iPad. In addition, this application also offers several new features.

Feature is the Calendar sync, refresh and modules LinkedIn Today What co-workers are sharing. It is useful to obtain the latest information about a colleague or industry.There was also a module Who's viewed my profile to find out who's been viewing your profile. 

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