Google Tablet Store,You Interested?

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google tablet online store
Google wants to sell tablet computers through their online store that will be implemented. Internet companies will sell directly to consumers in tablet online.Hal made ​​to steal market share from Apple, the company of their competitors. Such as Apple and This step is taken to boost sales of Android tablet computer with software that is still slow.

In 2010, Google began selling smartphones such as Android, Nexus online. But these efforts did not bear fruit of success. By selling the tablet computer, Google will again compete with the Apple iPad.
In 2010, Google tried to sell the Nexus One, Android phone manufactured by HTC, directly to consumers through its own online store. However, the Company canceled its doors after months of normal sales while other Android phones sold better.

Meanwhile, Google with new steps to create your own online store to sell the tablets, should have raised the stakes against Apple and Amazon. As we know, these two giant technology company that sells tablet (iPad and light the fire) to the consumer.

The store is said to be supported by a major marketing campaign for Google, as seen entering the field of consumer electronics is a supplier for its own Android tablet.Then later, after buying Motorola and has been successfully completed, Google is expected to debut its own shelf and sold by online stores.Citing a source, this online store will eventually offer the tablets made by Samsung