Jack Dorsey Stopped Using Instagram

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Jack Dorsey, stop using Instagram after the company acquired the photo sharing application Facebook. Dorsey disappearance of Instagram expected for failing to acquire Instagram. Dorsey never again posting photos On Instagram  since Facebook  was acquired by 1 billion U.S. dollars.

We know Dorsey several times to say the desire to acquire Instagram. But unfortunately, his wish was preceded Facebook. Since its founding in 2010, Instagram users are experiencing fast growth. In the first 24 hours, Instagram has 25,000 users. In the third week, Instagram has had 300,000 users.

Before entering the Android, Instagram successfully earned 30 million users in the IOS. Since the incoming Android, Instagram has an additional 2000 users per minute. This is why Mark Zuckerberg Instagram not controlled by others. It only took 48 hours, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) managed to do a deal with Kevin Systrom (founder and CEO Instagram). Zuckerberg called directly Systrom to negotiate the price.

Founder of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is already known each other long before they were famous and the third company used throughout the world. Mark Zuckerberg had met Kevin Systrom in Silicon Valley when I first set up Facebook. In fact, Zuckerberg had asked Systrom to join him in building up. However, because Systrom was still in college, he chose to reject the offer Zuckerberg. Systrom eventually build Instagram after college. Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey, before setting up Twitter, had worked with Instagram Systrom to market.

Instagram would not have survived without the help of Adam D'Angelo, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Facebook. Not many people know, before successful as now, the founder of Instagram was panicking because skyrocketing number of users without infrastructure readiness.

As a result, the system could crash and Instagram photo is saved after Systrom consulted via telephone with D'Angelo. "About 30 minutes, D'Angelo helped me to overcome these problems and provide the basic knowledge that we had to do to backup photos," recalls Systrom.Whether because of the debt of gratitude to Facebook, or indeed more agile than Twitter Facebook to acquire Instagram, Instagram finally officially owned by Facebook.Zuckerberg panic that the process of negotiating for 48 hours of fruitful results. He could precede Twitter, the founder only dared to stage "plan" to buy, but do not bid directly as Facebook.This why Jack Dorsey Stop Using Instagram

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