How To Add Pin It Button To Your Blog

How To Add Pin It Button To Your Blog
Pinterest become the latest trend in social media. Pinterest has attracted millions of viewers. And like other social networking platforms, everyone rushed towards the Pinterest register an account. The biggest reason behind the success of Pinterest is its uniqueness. It allows users to pin any images or videos to be shown there is a virtual pinboard. Users who are friends or followers to be like or even your content is divided into Repin there Pinboard. You can set your pin under certain pinboards to suit your needs.

So now Pinterest is very important for all those who want to promote any blog or website. It has therefore become the next most important source of traffic for bloggers to increase their blog traffic. Add Pinterest "Pin It" and "Follow Me" to a blogger can make a big difference in your traffic. And here's the best way to add it because the pinterest tutorial is very simple.

Step#1. Go to Design>> Edit HTML, Make a full back up of your template.

Step#2. Click on the Expand Widget Template checkbox on top right of the HTML window.

Step#3 Now search for the following code in your template


Step#4 Now it’s up to you where you want to place your widget. If you want to place Pin It button just under your post title then just paste the following code before (above) But if you want to place it at the end of your post then paste the following code after (below)

Step#5 Now Paste the Following Codes below or above (according to your choice)

 <a class='pin-it-button' count-layout='horizontal' expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url'>Pin It Now!</a> <a href='javascript:void(run_pinmarklet())' style='margin-left:-93px; width:43px; height:20px; display:inline-block;'/> <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> <script type='text/javascript'> function run_pinmarklet() { var e=document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); e.setAttribute(&#39;type&#39;,&#39;text/javascript&#39;); e.setAttribute(&#39;charset&#39;,&#39;UTF-8&#39;); e.setAttribute(&#39;src&#39;,&#39;; + Math.random()*99999999); document.body.appendChild(e); } </script>

 Step#6. Hit Save and that’s it! Check your blog Button appears or not on your post page.

Step#7 follow My Pinterest here :)

Thanks to Mybloggerlap ,Last night I spent some time searching for the magic code that would embed a Pin it button in each post. For fear that these instructions might one day disappear from there.