PlayStation All-Stars "Battle Royale" by Sony

After months Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, a fighter who displays some of the franchises of the PlayStation library. As the title suggests, this video game will have characters from some of the coolest games and most popular series ever to hit the PlayStation game console. The game is being developed for PS3 and the four fighters with the online aspect.

This game will have characters like Sweet tooth, Kratos, Parappa, Fat Princess, Colonel Radec, and Sly Cooper. The game will also feature characters from the games published by third party developers. Each character will have a special attack and destroy the stage along with the music rising from the various titles game.PlayStation All-Stars was a 3D fighter on a single plane, much in the same vein as Smash Bros. As players battle in a multiplayer game four, they collect points for Action (AP) and enhance the Special Meter. There are three special levels for each character, each increase in duration and destruction, while nodding to each franchise. To its level three special, Sweet Tooth jump into the mech suit Bot Manis, laying waste to enemies with chain gun. Clothing Kratos' godly turned into garments of God of War 2 while he wields deadly Blade of Olympus.

This game will feature four-player head-to-head battles, and will have multiple game modes. Their modes of play will include a team battle, practice mode, and the ability to fight online against friends and other players. Online tournament player some, the battle of special events, and custom game is one of the online features. Sony does not offer a launch date for the current game.

The interesting thing this game is that Sony decided to clone the concept behind Nintendo's Smash Bros. series or Power Stone Capcom. PlayStation All-Stars match is almost exact characterization: characters from the video game battle in different arenas of the world, drawn from the franchise environment is identified, and boils it all into a bucket grow crazy.

What works so well is the graphic style of game. In the case of Kratos and Sweet Tooth, the two characters are presented in a slightly softer, but still look threatening. Characters and environments come together neatly in the engine of the exclusive game developer Bluepoint Games - the company responsible for the 2009 God of War Collection. According to Glaze, each of which included a list of recreation through the heart with a constant discussion between SuperBot and the team behind each character to ensure an authentic look and feel for each franchise.

Although it is a clone of the other series, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is a lot of fun to play. Perhaps one of Sony's worst kept secrets in recent memory, but it's certainly shaping up to be a surprise for the 2012 calendar titles PlayStation 3's release.

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