Muybridge And the Horse In Motion

Google on Monday, April 9, 2012, pinning the icon that is uniquely shaped picture boxes total of 21 riders jockey to twitch if yellow play button is pressed.

Statement from, the picture is taken in 1872 and is considered the first video ever. The reason, the picture shows four hooves are lifted off the ground, not just painting. The horses are horses livestock from California businessman named Leland Stanford

Stanford wanted to know whether a horse galloping down the four feet on the ground in bebarengan or go, as is commonly described by the painter. To that end, he asked a photographer born in England to prove it.

He was Eadweard J. Muybridge, the photographer who took pictures with the camera 24 to capture Stanford's galloping racehorse. The moving images known as The Horse in Motion. Muybridge spent most of his life in the United States. Born on 9 April 1830, Muybridge is known as an eccentric and brilliant photographer. His life story tinged murder.

In 1874, Muybridge is free from charges of killing his wife's lover, a drama critic in San Francisco. Muybridge's attorney to release her with the principles of psychiatric disorders. Case it does not interfere with exploration in the living body motion. As noted site, the man who died in 1904, many capturing the movement of animals and humans are normally invisible to the human eye.

Exploration of the movement known as the Freeze Frames. Muybridge spent three years (1884-1887) at the University of Pennsylvania to play Freeze Frames. A century later, historians regard the art of photography as a scientific study of body movement.