Vaio E14P with Ivy Bridge And Core i7

Sony Indonesia introduces its newest product line. Vaio E14P, one of the newest notebook. Notebook is targeted for young children. In the E series is no premium and a more affordable level. Although not ultrabook generation with slim shape, but the processor is using the latest Intel Core i7 series Ivy Bridge.

Nnotebook with 14-inch and  HD display that is targeted to young people comes with a wide selection of colors, such as Pink, Black, White and Silver. Notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium is equipped with a third-generation Intel Core i7 CPU with the AMD Radeon HD 7670M discrete GPU (VRAM: 1GB). There are variants on the Vaio E series processors 14P, in addition to Intel Core i7 i5 CPU there.

One of the technologies offered by Sony is xLOUD and Clear Phase which can increase the volume without distortion to the sound movies and games. The other option, users can switch to Dolby Home Theatre V4 for cinema-style audio.

Another advantage of the Vaio E14P is the Gesture Control that allows to interact with computers using hand gestures intuitive. This means that users only show the hand in front of web cameras and mimic the sweep to the left or the reverse direction to convert web page or photo gallery.

 For i7 and i5 processors, each with 4GB of RAM. In addition, the Vaio E14P comes with a kit that combines personal 'mouse' and keyboard surface.This notebook has a battery that can last up to 5.5 hours. Battery life will be longer with the efficiency of processors Vaio Display a more friendly and energy, as well as an optical drive is automatically disabled to eliminate power consumption when not in use.

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