Necronator II Games by Kris Antony

Necronator II is a game made ​​in Indonesia. This game has been awarded The Mochis Award at the Flash Gaming Summit 2012 event in San Francisco, USA. Games made ​​by Toge Productions was a champion in the category of Best Game Art. This is a game maker Kris Antony. .

Necronator II Community Choice finalist categories, but failed to win appreciation. The Mochis Award is an annual event. The award-winning determined through an assessment of the jury. The struggle to-4 that now consists of nine categories. Other games Marching Zombies come from Indonesia became a finalist. Vini Ramadhani game made it into the category of Best Puzzle Game.

Last year, Necronator II Art awarded Best Game in the Flash Gaming Summit event in San Francisco, United States (U.S.). Two other games claim, Kris and his colleagues also succeeded in becoming a finalist passing game Infectonator World Dominator and Planetary Conflict. Planetary Conflict carried off the Best Multiplayer Game.

Infectonator and Necronator a zombie-themed game. Necronator II a success. Since the released 5 November 2011, this game has been played 6.5 million times around the world. Although the game is less glimpsed in their own country so that local developers prefer the global market.

While on the site, Necronator II has played 4 million people around the world. According to Kris, they did not think could win, and well liked. Most of the game, he said, at the Game Developer Open-openings in London, Friday, March 30, 2012, made ​​simple. Other games even only done by a small team.

Game of local products, Necronator 2, tells the rise of the rulers of darkness that will destroy the Earth. The threat of the world the power of darkness. Target of completing the entire game map that already exists. How, to destroy the kingdom (castle) enemy. First, players must build up the troops. First player to collect the gold (gold) by winning a special building. The building could include a farm , village, city, or kill any enemy.

If the empire managed to destroy the enemy, the player can unlock the next map. It was then that the degree of difficulty increases. Each army unit would have the experience  and a certain level. Higher levels of the army, the player can defeat a more powerful enemy.

Player can strengthen the ability of the more common ways to use these units to fight. This method would be to increase the level of the unit. Other ways to upgrade the course. There is also a different kind of hero and the spell that can be unlocked and used to destroy the enemy in battle.

Necronator 2 is the sport of real time strategy based on Adobe Flash. Players can play it through a web-browser. This game is a continuation of Necronator. Necronator 2 has a campaign game. Although the initial launch there new campaign for human with 15 maps. Other campaign game of orcs, elves, undead, dragons, and Majapahit with the new map.