Try "Gaikai" Cloud Gaming On Facebook,Ready?

Have youever heard the word "Gaikai"? I was previously with the Laity "Gaikai". language of my friend told me about Gaikai. Gaikai is a cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play the demo and buy full version PC games and applications directly from the main web page or internet connected.

                                                                           On its website, cloud gaming service Gaikai announced it has launched a beta version of the application through Facebook. They claim that through it, users can play console quality games on social networking.

Gaikai is now faced with the OnLive because they both offer an alternative service in the console and PC gaming. Through the cloud, gamers can pay a subscription fee and they will distribute their content directly into the computer.

Cloud gaming means games do not need to be downloaded and run on your computer. This literally means peraminan place on the internet, in the cloud, with the experience that is channeled to users. most game publishers today are looking for ways to expand its digital customers. Through Gaikai, game publishers can connect with its customers.

So that applications can be used, users must install Java and have an internet connection. Having done that, users will be able to begin to stream the game, but need to register first in order to play games full version.

Are you interested? . You should try it!